Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Season Ends Prematurely

I am disappointed to say that our football team will not be going to the playoffs this year. We got quite a shocker on Friday when Dickinson beat La Marque. There had been some controversy going on earlier last week surrounding an "ineligible" player that Dickinson had utilized in every single game of the season. Teams are not permitted to play kids that are participating in more than one athletic class per semester. Dickinson's kicker (who is also a soccer player) has been enrolled in a football class as well as a soccer class for the entire school year so far. This all came to light early last week, and Dickinson turned themselves in to UIL. The district held a meeting on Friday and voted unanimously to sanction Dicksinson with a public reprimand and one-year probation and NOT force them to forfeit all of the games played by the "ineligible" player.

You notice that I have ineligible in quotes above. Apparently UIL has determined that although it is a violation to play a kid who is enrolled in more than one athletic class, it is not an issue that would render that player ineligible. That really surprises me, because if the kid is not ineligible, then what is he??? This was our argument; however, we were unsuccessful in proving our case.

Apparently Dickinson was so energized over this ruling on Friday morning that they went out Friday night and used that momentum to their advantage and were able to defeat La Marque very soundly. I believe they won by more than 20 points...really shocking.

That sealed our fate. There is no combination of wins and losses that could occur next Friday that would get us into the playoffs. Our team will be playing for pride alone next Friday in Texas City. Jamie is very disappointed, and I am also. It is not very often that a team has a record of 8-2 (assuming we are able to win next week) and does not make the playoffs. I am really sorry to see it happen to our team this year.

Jamie is at the school right now planning practices for next week. To look on the bright side, this will be the last working weekend of the year (with the exception of 3 baseball tournaments in the spring). It will be really nice to have Jamie home more often, especially around the holidays. I know that he's tired and will enjoy the break. We will have an adjustment period, though. I'm sure everyone can relate...when you've been so busy for so long and gotten into a steady routine - all of a sudden when it's over it is hard to figure out what to do with all the extra time for a while. I used to go through this same "let down" at the end of each volleyball season, so I really can understand Jamie and how he feels. That is part of what makes us such a great match - we've lived such similar lives in a lot of ways. We understand one another without explanations. I know it will feel strange to me to have Friday nights free again. I will miss the games, because I really do love our football Friday nights.

Now we look to baseball season which will begin at the end of January.

Jamie will begin his accelerated master's degree program in about 2 weeks. I have a feeling that will keep him busy in the absence of a sport in season.

I also have to get in one quick plug for my alma mater's volleyball team. I went to see their playoff match last Friday night vs. Dickinson where the Mustangs were victorious and advanced to the next round. I love watching my old team play. They make me very proud, because they are just great and incredibly talented. I hope to catch a few more games and maybe even make a trip to the state tournament to cheer them on! Go Lady Mustangs!!


NesrstaFamily said...

Man, what a bummer! I was hoping to make a game. Good job guys on a job well done. I know you worked hard this year. And hoah to the v-ball games. I miss those...